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Each element has been specifically designed to match our sports specific needs, keeping in mind durability, lightweight and efficiency. After several years of R&D, taking up technical challenges, the innovations are numerous and protected by 3 patents, including the above motor cooling system.

Propeller Blade Section

The propeller blade section has been specially designed to achieve the best performance and avoid cavitation. Cavitation occurs when the pressure drop along the propeller exceeds the water vapor pressure: in this case, the water vaporizes, creating vapor bubbles, which results in loss of efficiency, vibration and possibly damage to the blades.

Cavitation picture credit on the top right : Davidhv22 (creative commons)


Propeller 3D geometry

M-Core propeller is designed to reach its maximum efficiency on a large forward speed domain, matching best motor efficiency RPM and torque. This is achieved with a very specific chord, angle of attack and twist distribution. This is the only way to obtain a good thrust with low electric consumption. This leads to small batteries, light weight but still very good autonomy.   

Finite Element Analysis

In order to achieve a minimum weight with high strength, we often use a finite element analysis design. It allows you to achieve the right functionality with the assurance of never exceeding the limits of materials. But we always test, test and test again in real life, after each change, to improve the product !

Replaceable components

We design our products to last many years, we believe that this is our first responsibility. Because we know that  you will want to practice as long as you can. Because every product we build has an impact on our planet, they cannot afford to last only a couple of years. For all these reasons, and because we know that despite the care taken in the quality of our products, some components can wear out over time, we have designed our product so that we can easily replace the majority of components. The propulsion unit and the battery casing are sealed with stainless steel screws and high quality replaceable seals : they can be opened easily for after sales services. We will repair at the minimum cost every damaged product. We will provide every single component needed on request. 



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